Access Medical Record Online & Shortage of Nurses

Access Medical Record Online & Shortage of Nurses

Organize & access your Health & medical record information Online?
-Some hospitals such as HCMC charge your $1 per page printout of your medical record.

-Whereas Cleveland Clinic gives
patients their free access to personal health information online.

-For the rest of us, there is Google Health @
-gather, organize and share medical information easily online
-works with Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, etc.

Access to more healthcare workers – especially the nurses
– Of 1,609 hospital reports of patient deaths and injuries since 1996 to 2002, low nursing staff levels were a contributing factor in 24% of the cases.

-Low nurse-to-patient with
surgeries ratios equals 31% increased chance of dying. Every additional patient increased the risk of death by 7%.

-More than half of the doctors and public cited the shortage of nurses as a leading cause of medical errors.

-2008 survey reported Nurses prepared at the baccalaureate-level were linked with lower mortality and failure to rescue rates. every 10% increase in the BSN nurses staff – a 4% decrease in the risk of death.

Reduction in Rates of Outcomes Among Medical Patients in Hospitals with High Nurse Staffing (75th Percentile) Compared to the Rates in Hospitals with Low Nurse Staffing (25th Percentile)
Outcome in surgical patients Amount by which rates are lower for:
High RN staffing High staffing, all levels (RNs, LPNs, aides)
Urinary tract infection 4-12% 4-25%
Upper gastrointestinal bleeding 5-7% 3-17%
Hospital-acquired pneumonia 6-8% 6-17%
Shock or cardiac arrest 6-10% 7-13%
Source: Needleman J, Buerhaus P, Mattke S, et al. Nurse-staffing levels and patient outcomes in hospitals. Final report for Health Resources and Services Administration. Contract No. 230-99-0021. 2001. Harvard School

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One Response to “Access Medical Record Online & Shortage of Nurses”

    Denis on November 26, 2015 :

    Part of the problem is atcually getting staff to come out to the country! We have had jobs advertised for years and no takers meanwhile we rely on expensive agency contracts to fill the gaps. It’s all well and good to want more staff, but you then need to attract them and that is VERY hard.

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