Adventure of Hugh Glass

Adventure of Hugh Glass

Hugh Glass was one of the 100 group people known as Ashley’s Hundred, who were ascending river Missouri as part of the fur trading business. On their way, they were confronted by enemy groups such as Arikaras and he was wounded. The leader eventually separated the people into small groups. So Glass became a part of 13 group men. Glass was later charged by a grizzly bear and was severely injured. The group leader named Henry asks two volunteers to stay with Glass until he dies. The two men stays with him until they reached to a point where they thought Glass was really going to die, but didn’t wait to until he dies. They couldn’t help him stay alive. They were also running low on small resources, so they eventually leaves him to completely die on his own by a dugged grave.

Glass, however, recovers his consciousness and finds that the two men have abandoned him. He goes on trail again to find his way out of the place and survives on wild berries and roots. In the beginning he wanted to avenge by killing the two men, but later decides to restrain himself as he could suffer death as punishment for killing. In his last years, he worked as a hunter and fur trapper. He had a faceoff with Arikaras one more time and this time at the Yellowstone River he lost his life.

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