Reinforcement versus Punishment: City Parking Regulations

How the theory of reinforcement and punishment helps regulate city’s parking rules. It involves behavior modification through presentation of positive and negative stimulus.

How to save money on gas? Driving Tips, Tricks and Ways.

Gas price has been soaring high for few years now and more than likely the price will keep going higher. This is because oil, from which the gas is derived from, is a limited resource. Anything that is limited in amount and in demand will always rise is price. Here are some tips and ways to save money on gas.

Why Won’t My Car Start

You car has been running fine for all the time these years and suddenly it is not responding properly. It won’t even start. What could be the problem and what are some of the ways to troubleshoot to see what needs to be repaired. Here are some tips that might help you with starting the car.

How to make car ready for winter weather

Winter weather can be one of the most dangerous time for car driver other than when they are drunk. Here are some tips about what to do during cold harsh weather.