What is ActiveX? Is Free Download Install of Active X Control Software Safe?

ActiveX is a software that acts as a plugin for Microsoft Windows based platforms like Internet Explorer browers. People hear or see ActiveX control a lot and wonder what it is; ActiveX control is actually a simple reusable software component that give a reusable functionality to computer programs. Often times their nature is visual. We see them in multi media websites like YouTube video, graphic or flash animation webpages because they embed these contents. We can't usually tell any difference that ActiveX controller bring to the website until we download the activex. They blend very well and behave the same way as other common softwares. If you don't trust or prefer not to download the object, you can click on the red x button on the right.

Internet Explorer has the ability to run ActiveX controls within a web page. If you see you see the panel right below the address bar on your web browser asking you to download ActiveX Control right when visiting a website, don't worry about it if you know the website is trustworthy. However, please be caution about the security risks it poses though. It can vary from writing to and readign from the registry to alteration of security rights and manipulation of the your computer local file system. So there is certainly a malicious and damaging effects that ActiveX technology is capable of getting abused for. Hackers can secretly embed spyware, Trojan horses, and virus infections. Sometimes it seems to come hidden with activex video codec installation.

Theses days it is a common practice for popular web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) to notify the visitor to download. Usually you don't have to change any settings, download updates or anything after installing the active x object. ActiveX controls Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Apple QuickTime Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Real Networks RealPlayer, and Sun Java Virtual Machine are routinely used by Internet surfers every hour of a day all across the globe. Opening a website that contains a harmful ActiveX control, and then allowing Internet Explorer to run that harmful control, would be same as running a malware on the computer. Microsoft has taken actiosn to reduce these kind of risk in recent Internet Explorer browsers and Windows Vista operation system.

If you are looking for ways to fix ActiveX contrl program by killing or stopping it from running in your internet explorer, you should be cautious about doing so. Even though there are ways to remove ActiveX controller from your computer, it can affect your entire computer system to stop working as well. Microsoft doesn't recommend such operations for that reason. Just uninstalling the internet explorer browser doesn't take away and remove the installed activex. But there are always a way to uninstall the software, either manually or through the ADD/Remove program in the Control Panel. If it doesn't work, you can either perform the System Restore or even restore the computer to it's original factory condition.

How to uninstall or stop ActiveX from running on your computer: First, you go and click the Start button on the lower left hand side, go to Settings, click Control Panel and with in that double-click the Add/Remove Programs, and then click the Install/Uninstall. Then, if the ActiveX control you want to remove appears in the list of installed programs, click the ActiveX control, click Add/Remove, and follow the easy instructions it provides. However, sometimes the ActiveX control won't appear within the list of installed programs. Then do this - in Windows Explorer or Windows NT Explorer, double-click the Windows\Downloaded Program Files folder or the Winnt\Downloaded Program Files folder, then right click the ActiveX control that want to remove. Click Remove to get rid of that item. It may ask you if you really want to remove the ActiveX control, click Yes then.