Computer Programs Secretly Connecting to Internet

Have you ever wondered why your computer, especially the internet connection, starts to run so slowly after downloading and installing software? What you should start to think about is "which computer programs are secretly connecting to the internet without my knowledge?"
A lot of the paid and free software comes secretly packaged in such a way that they would connect to the internet every time our internet connection is on. But are they secure?

These secret internet connections may be updating the software, but it might be taking away your privacy in the meantime. Some computer programs might have been installed without your consent at the first place. There is a simple way to find out what programs are making internet connections in the background. There is a simple DOS command to track down such suspicious internet connections on your computer.

The following trick will increase the security of your computer and internet connectivity:
First, you go to START on Windows computer and then click RUN.
Second, you type cmd in that box and click OK.
Third, type "netstat -b 5> trackdown.txt" and then press ENTER.
Now your computer will start to track down and report these suspicious connections in a file named trackdown.txt.
Wait for a couple of minute and then press Ctrl+C,
Finally, type "trackdown.txt" which will open the trackdown file and you can see those programs that have been secretly making internet connections through your computer.