Computer Security

Our home computer is a one of the most sought ought target by hackers. The reason why hackers try to get into our computer is so that he can look at we have stored in our computer. You might wonder why they care about hacking our computer; they want our financial informations like bank and credit card information. Hackers want to steal these information and use them.
Hackers sometimes also try to get control of our computer. They use our computer to attack other people's computers that are connected on to the internet. Another reason hackers or computer intruders are interested in our home computers is because often times our home computer is not very secure and therefore our home computers are very easy to break into.

When combined with high-speed Internet connections that are always turned on, intruders can quickly find and then attack home computers. While intruders also attack home computers connected to the Internet through dial-in connections, high-speed connections from cable and DSL modems are few of their top best target.
Hard to believe, but most of the times hackers attempt to attack our computer is successful. Many of us home computer owners donít realize the significance of paying attention to computer, internet and the related security.

Hackers also send email that has a virus attached to it. Opening such email activates the comupter virus, creating an opening that intruders use to enter or access your computer. In other cases, they take advantage of a all the flaw and weaknesses in our home computerís programs. Once hackers are able to get into our computer, they often install new programs that let them continue to take control of our computer. After that happens, even after we install security programs it is hard to get rid of them. Such malicious programs are usually cleverly disguised so that we can't tell the difference between the bad programs and our normal running computer programs.