Is there any good free movie editing software programs?

There are lots of free video editing softwares out there.
But beware that most of these free movie editors comes with limitations. Some of these software limitations include watermark on the movie with the software company's logo or maybe you can't edit movie longer than 5 minutes or sometimes you can only use it for a limited time like 30 days. To get rid of these limitations, the movie editing software will ask you to purchase the software.

Some of the best free movie editing software is believed to be the Windows Movie Maker. It is not only completely free, but it also has a lot of better features that the paid ones out in the market. You can download the Windows Movie Maker, but the only limitation is that it works only with Internet Explorer, meaning you need to use Internet Explorer browser to download the Windows free video editing software program.

All the rest of the free video editors are kind of same with few limitation like 30 day trial, or the video comes out with the video editing software’s name in it, which most people hate to see.

But in the meantime, you may consider downloading Adobe's Movie Maker software. Even though Adobe's video editing software is expensive, it is really worth it. Adobe video makers includes Sophisticated video tools, Standalone video encoder, Video encoder plug-in, Skinnable video component, Advanced QuickTime export, Rich drawing capabilities, Powerful shape drawing, Pen tool, Shapes as objects, Powerful animation tools, Filter effects, Blend modes, Copy and paste animationsMP3 audio support, Integrate audio into your projects by importing MP3 files. Bitmap caching, extensible architecture, etc.

Other video editing software programs to consider are the following:
Ulead VideoStudio. Virtual dub is apowerful freeware video editor with lots of features, including a choice of compression codecs, splitting, addition of audio tracks.

Wax is a high performance and flexible video compositing and special effects software. The idea for Wax is to be very general purpose and flexible in video compositing and effects, so that you can compose your dream video sequence with ease everytime.

Zwei-Stein 3.01 is a freeware non-linear, non-destructive video compositing and editing system which offers many advanced features unavailable elsewhere. With Zwei-Stein you can edit up to 256 video, audio and still image clips, each with up to 64 effects chained serially. Cropping, panning and custom effects are easy with automatic key frames.

Or get Avedit, which is a great tool to work with .AVI files. Regardless of small executable size, this avi editor offers you unlimited power of digital video processing. Some high-tech tricks included into AVIedit allows you to perform with ease and fun the many interesting things, like video warping, color restore, noise reduction and so on.

Chopper XP is a tool that lets you extract a part of any DVD easily. It is a Vob cutting program with a video display and a great interface. You just need to scroll to a location and select mark in and out points. The program also lets you set any priority of extraction and displays the estimated time left for extraction.

Virtual Edit is a semi-professional software video editing package aimed at ambitious content creators to video novices, who want to produce material with a slick and professional look, on a limited budget. Virtual Edit has been written by experts with experience in the Television and Broadcasting industries, which has been encapsulated in this simple software package.