How do you use bit torrents?

So you wanna know What the bit torrents are and what do you use them for? Bit torrent provides files that are driven by a user to user system . Torrents are basicaly a p2p website. Instead of using Limewire or Kazaa, you are directly downloading movies, games, softwares and music. People upload a file to torrentz and then you can download it. Nice thing about torrent is that it will try to download the file from all the people that have that file on their computer.
Thefiles downloaded through a bit torrent program like azerus, utorrent, and others gets downloaded in small chunks from the group of the people.

Just know that torrents provide mostly illegal pirated softwares, games, music and videos. It is suggested not using the torrent unless you want to run the risk of getting caught and pay a hefty fine for illegal download. Most websites would have not enough bandwith to suport terabytes of movies. As a result, these huge movies and games files can be dowloaded using softwares such a Bit Comet. What you do is, download Bit comet software by searching on the internet and simply install it in your computer. Then go to bittorent site, click download on the torrent you would like. A pop up shows up and you click open. The bitcomet or any torrent program software automatically takes over from there and starts downloading at the location specified by you.

Also with torrent, instead of having to unzip the downloaded file, it's usually in it's regular format so you can see whats inside it and also check for virus to make sure it doesn't contan malicious programs.
Just know that the exact correct information contained in the torrent file depends on the version of the BitTorrent protocol you are going to download and use. Usually, the name of a torrent file has the suffix .torrent. Torrent files have an "announce" section, which specifies the URL of the tracker, and an "info" section, containing (suggested) names for the files, their lengths, the piece length used, and a SHA-1 hash code for each piece, all of which is used by clients to verify the integrity of the data they receive. There are some major differences between BitTorrent and many other peer-to-peer file-sharing systems websites, BitTorrent does not offer a search power to find files to download by its name. User have to find the torrent file by other means like a web yahoo or google search.

You can't use BitTorrent anonymously. It is possible for law officials or hackers to obtain the IP addresses of all current, and possibly previous, participants in a swarm from the tracker. A user who makes a file available to download by other must run a program tracker on a specific host or hosts and distribute the tracker IP host address(es) in the .torrent file. Because it is possible to operate a tracker on a server that is located in a jurisdiction where the copyright holder cannot take legal action, the protocol does offer some vulnerability that other protocols lack. It is far easier to request that the server's ISP shut down the site than it is easier to find and identify every user sharing a file on a peer-to-peer network.