Improve Performance of Windows Vista Computer Systems

Do you want to know how to boost your Windows Vistaís performance without having to be a computer geek?
Get Vista Smoker Pro a try then. It has so many cool features that would juice up the performance of any computer that is running on Windows Vista. It helps main computer clean, tidy and secure. It has more than 100 settings to play with which can easily customize the Computer running Vista OS for an efficient and better computer system performance.

Do you run and play a lot of games on your Vista computer? Use the GameBoost feature that will get rid of all the processors that are running behind the scene but arenít necessary or being used at all.
This will increase the free RAM space and result in efficient CPU.

Windows Vista Operating System had an unattractive User Account and Control feature that makes it less appealing and not used by many. Vista Smoker Pro lets you customize them and added bonus is that it lets you delete the ugly arrows from the desktopís shortcut icons. But if you are too lazy or may be scared to do these you can turn on the simple one button Auto Tuner feature, which will handle all these tasks automatically.

If you use CD or DVD drive to burn audios and videos a lot, you might consider optimizing the audio and graphic performance of your Vista computer system. You can even lock these CD or DVD drives with DriveFreeze feature. DriveFreeze feature lets you lock down removable storage devices like CD, USB, Flash and Floppy drives.

But remember that Windows Vista OS has a cool feature of adding a restore point. So it is highly advised of creating a restore point before running the Vista Smoker Pro application, which will ensure if you donít like performance as a result of the application you can have the computer system running the older performance.