Exxon Mobil as a defensive stock

Exxon Mobil as a defensive stock

Exxon Mobil has boosted it’s cash cushion. It has more than $30 billion of net cash on it’s balance sheet now. Exxon mobil is the world’s largest energy company, mostly known by public as a gas company.

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    Kabayan on November 26, 2015 :

    Our public scohol system is in big trouble. Exxon Mobile, shortly after the Valdez Oil spill, donated mock documentary films to middle scohols across the nation. The film claimed to show the wonderful ways that scientists and the locals banded together to save wildlife. I watched the film in a mass communications class in college. The propoganda is subtle. The message, couched in scientific information, is that Exxon is environmentally friendly and responsible. Public scohols are, idealistically, an area that is free from government and business influence. But because of poor funding the corporations are getting their foot in the door with these VNR. There was one by McDonalds teaching students how to work up the ladder in the fast food industry promoted to economics classes as beneficial. This is also happening on local news stations. A large number of the segments are actually commercials from companies (PR firms). The bottom line is that public scohols need money and Coca Cola and the oil companies have more money than the environmentalists .same with the fertilizer promoters over the organic farmers. The system is broken. Thanks for sharing this information.

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