How to Treat and Control Acne from growing on my face skin?

An acne is an skin disease that effects the tiny pores that cover the skin on our face, arms, and chest. Acne is basically where excess production of oil from sebaceous glands happens, which plugs the hair follicles and pores. It is also known or associated with other common names such as pimples, papules, pustules and comedone, black heads and white heads, blemishes, cysts and abscesses. But the acne we are going to talk specifically about here is the one teenagers get during their puberty stage on their face.

Yes, acne is pretty common among teens who are reaching or in their puberty. They are growing, their body is working hard and sweating. But acne can be seen in adults who are as old as 30s or 40s age. So it shows this skin disease is not just due to puberty. Most important thing is to keep your skin clean. Oil glands producing too much oil can make bacteria on our skin and dead cells grow at much faster rate than they normally do.

Here are some tips on preventing and getting rid of acne from your face: Wash your face whenever your face feels oily and sweaty, that's the time when bacterias are stimulated to multiply and plug the pores and make it bigger. Don't use too very hot water to wash your face; instead use luke warm water. This is because your skin is already inflammated and hot water could make it worse. Same applies with soap and towels; apply mild soap and clean soft cloth towel on your face.

Buy topical acne products that has as benzoyl peroxide as the main ingredient. It is an antibacterial agent. Other acne curing items that contain salicylic acid are also good because it helps removes dead skin cells and minimizes bacteria. But you should always read the caution or warning label and the directions. These items can have side effects on your skin even though they are topical (for skin tops) such as redness, dryness, scaling and other allergic reactions to the skin. The best method, if you can afford to, is to see a skin doctor. A dermatologist can prescribe you the best medication to treat any kind of sever acne you are dealing with.

One of the most famouse acne treating product is Pro Activ; mostly because this company runs a lot of commercials and advertisements. Some of its main celebrity spokesperson is Jessica Simpson and Sean P Diddy. Although acne is caused by overly stimulated gland producing too much oil, we have to make sure we keep our skin moisturize. The skin products we are using to fight the acne skin disease can make our face skin dry and clampy. Else acne will start peeling and leave bad marks; so be sure to use good but mild moisturizer after cleansing.

Now here are the list of what not to do when your face skin has acne: Don't use too much make up products, especially the oily ones; even though they will make you look good for a moment, but it could potentially destroy your skin forever. Stay away from touching your acne also; your hand is not only dirty but it could potentially pop up the pimples, which you shouldn't do. Avoid wearing or putting on strong chemical cosmetic hair and face products; something you put on your hair or forehead could end up reaching your acne prone skin zone. Minimize exposure to the sun; the harmful sun rays could worsen unhealthy skin.

And here are the list of what to do to make acne go away faster: you have acne because your skin is unhealthy; there are many dead cells there. To make them healthy you have to give them nutrition, nourish them with eating foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables and others that are high in vitamin A and beta carotene. Water and exercise is also essential just like they are to the rest of the body. And the most important thing is to stay away from stressors, things that stress you. Everybody you will talk with will tell you stress can make the pimples and acne grow like no other factors or reasons.