How to Get a Free Legal Advice from Lawyers Online

How to Get a Free Legal Advice from Lawyers Online

Legal battle is something everybody wants to avoid. Celebrities might want to avoid the legal fight for reasons other than the lawyer affordability, most of common people like us can’t afford to hire any lawyer for legal advices. That’s when the free online world plays an important world, where almost every single information about laws, rules, regulations and legal advices can be obtained for free. Some websites got free legal databases, while other got communities where real lawyers offer advice and counseling for free.

Here we will list some of the top online sources where you can get a free legal consultation – ask questions and get answers from lawyer online without any fees or charges: There are top two sites called FreeAdvice and Avvo which offer totally free legal consultations without charging a single penny. They both have community memebers, some of whom are experts while others are amateurs but have had to go through some legal cases themselves.

Law Guru and Lawyer Central are also good website to go for free legal advice online. You can not only ask questions and get answers about your lawsuits, but can also research and review attorneys at no cost. There are many other sources too, but best ones are the one that give you totally free and direct personal case advices.

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3 Responses to “How to Get a Free Legal Advice from Lawyers Online”

    Tenzin Zhivago on July 29, 2009 :

    If your case is serious and time sensitive, why waste time searching for free legal advice from online attorneys who are not completely dedicated to your legal matter. Instead, finding a good personal lawyer for your specific case might be a better option. Just my 2 cents.

    Tammy on April 11, 2011 :

    To whom it may concern
    I need some advice on the below.
    My boyfriend moved into this apartment in June 2009 he had a 2 year lease but the owner asked him if he could move out the end of March 2011, the monthly rent at this apartment was R10000, his deposit was R20000 as it was a fully furnished two bedroom apartment.
    In the last month he noticed dampness in the en-suit bathroom and we did not know where it was coming from as it just appeared on the wall. Opposite this wall or behind it was the shower for the guest bathroom, in our personnel opinion it look like the water was seeping in-between the walls From a leakage inside we were not sure . The apartment was given back in a superb condition to a point that the carpets and lounge suit where professional cleaned, my boyfriend had looked after this apartment as if it was his own, all payments were made on time and he was never late, he paid the rent in euros. The owner leaves in Australia and came through for the inspection on the 31st of March which she did with my boyfriend and was very happy even the owners mum commented that the apartment look just the way it was given to him . the only thing my boyfriend forgot to tell her on that day was that recently the hot water tap in the en-suit bathroom of the wash basin was leaking , which he then told later on that afternoon via a conversation that they had . The current owner did not get a new tenant but her sister is living in that apartment , my boyfriend was promised that his deposit would be transferred which still has not happened , he was told he needs to pay for the wall damage and the whole plastering of the walls and R20000 will not be refunded, as far as we both understand and have spoken to home owners and a plumber, when a place is rented out the owner needs to maintain some parts and that the issues in the bathroom is a wear and tear issue as the plumbing was done a 100% and as a tenant you cannot see inside the wall to figure out what’s wrong with the plumbing . He had only noticed the dampness in the last weeks, if the walls of the bathroom were fully tiled we would not have seen this, in his case the bathroom was cheaply painted, most home owners tile they bathrooms.Please can you assist us with some advice on this issue as boyfriend as still not received his deposit and the owner has gone back to Australia?

    Nosey Roommate on October 29, 2012 :

    Is it legal for my roommate to record mine and my other roommates conversation without our consent?
    My roommate and I have conversations in our shared living room and my other roommate records our conversations from her room that she is not involved in.

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