How to make money online free and fast?

How to make money online free and fast?

How to make money online? Is it really possible to make money online at all? Yes, it is possible, but what are the ways to earn a living on the web without spending my own money first. We will list all the legitimate and easy ways to make money online; the things you need are computer connected to the internet and hard work and passion to make a living on the internet.

There are all sorts of things you could do to make it your part time job; but the most popular one is starting your own website or a blog. There you write about things that interest you and something that you won’t get bored writing about. You write on your website as if you are an expert on that topic. As you add more and more content in your website, you can start putting ads on your site. There are many good ad networks you can join (of course they are completely free). AdSense is one of the most popular one; but anyways these ad networks give you ad codes to add to your sites to display ads. As visitors on your site click ads on your blog, you earn anywhere between few cents to a couple of dollars.

Surveys are another popular online earning source for many people. But be warned that there are many scam paid online survey sites. Although some of them might be real and legitimate business, but is very time consuming and pay online few pennies per survey that is long. So read reviews and research before you join them. Your time is worth more money than that.

Sell items online. There are seller marketplace and auction websites such as eBay and Amazon where they charge you small commission fee for putting stuff you are selling on their site. Fees and charges vary from sites to sites and depend on many other factors as well. You can not only sell items that you own but don’t use anymore, but also buy cheap products from one place and sell it on another website.
Freelance yourself. Whatever talent you have, you can start your own freelance business online or join other freelance market on the internet. Freelance job can be writing articles for online magazines to creating a design for someone. You get paid on per task basis.

Last but not the least one is online trading. You trade stocks or shares online. It is same like making an investment in a business; the only thing is you don’t own a business but rather stocks whose value can rise or decline within few seconds to months. You can start trading stocks online with a small amount of money like $500. This is a fast method.

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2 Responses to “How to make money online free and fast?”

    net income on July 3, 2009 :

    The secret is hard work and passion. There are lot of newbies jumping in the bandwagon to make some easy and fast bucks on the internet. But they fail, why? Because they started out without taking the steps that is needed to make an online money making adventure successful.

    Effizzy on November 19, 2011 :

    Please i will like to be one of you wealthy persons,put me to the fast money making tracks online.

    i dont think it is realistic to think you can become rich quickly online, maybe over many years if you put hard work into it. a good first step maybe is to find a nich where you are not only good at but also willing to spend a lot of energy. a lot of people get tired and lose motivation once they realize it is difficult. but know that it is not impossible. there are many people who achieved success on the internet.

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