How to record voice or audio in an ipod?

How to record voice or audio in an ipod?

Apple’s iPod doesn’t come with already built-in audio recorders and that’s probably one of the biggest feature that iPods lack; everything else is pretty much covered by latest iPod touch, which has tons of unimaginable features already built into it and wi fi capability to surf the web. These are all in addition to the apps that are available to download from iTunes.

But what if your ipod is not 3g or touchscreen, but rather ipod classic, nano or even video. You dont really get to do much with your mp3 player then. Now there is a rescue from Belkin. It has made a device named GoStudio that lets you record audio directly to your iPod, just as if it is a memory card. This device is big and encased the iPod with it’s two built in microphones, four external microphone inputs recording level controls. The recording menu appears as soon as you attach it to your iPod. Then you can instantly record live audio, which can be used on iTunes or any other audio program. GoStudio can be bought both inonline and retail stores. It’s price is $120 per ubit.

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One Response to “How to record voice or audio in an ipod?”

    tommy on July 22, 2009 :

    This must be an old news. iPod and iPhone not only has apps that can record audio but in the iPhone 3gs, voice recorder build in. It’s a cool feature though.

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