How to Shut Down Computer Automatically?

How to Shut Down Computer Automatically?

You know in the morning your alarm clock goes off if you set it up before you go to bed? Similarly, it is possible to set you computer to go to sleep or shut down automatically at a certain time. It should help you or your work company save on electricity bills at the least. We will show you how it works on your Windows PC platform equipped with Windows XP or Vista operating system. Your computer has a simple program called Windows Task Scheduler. It very easy to set this automatic shutdown process.

First go the Start on the bottom left corner of your screen, then look for Task Scheduler. Open that up, if you can’t find this program you can find it inside your Control Panel too. Anyways after you open that up, double click the Add Scheduled Tasks icon. It will allow you to use Scheduled Task Wizard, you can skip the things that follow until you reach the Browse icon. Ok in there, type in Windows\system32\shutdown.exe and hit Enter button on your keyboard. That’s it. The hardest part of this easy trick is now over.

What you do now is give this task a name and choose how frequently you want your computer system to shut down automatically – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. The pick the time of the day you want that to happen. The task wizard ask for you username and password, which you can skip. Now you are almost ready to click the Finish. Before you do that, check the dialog box that says Open Advanced Properties and inside Run append a space and one or more item -s for shutdown, -l for log off and -r reboot, depending on which one you want your system to do. And you are done.

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    admin on July 3, 2009 :

    TweetMyPC is a new utility tool via Twitter that helps with remote computer shutdown. There are four options of using email, web, sms and im. It can also remotely take a screenshot of your computer screen, reboot, log off, lock down, standby and hibernate your computer. Pretty cool eh

    jessie pc on July 13, 2009 :

    First of all, I don’t understand what’s the purpose of shutting down computer automatically? I am pc user and never ever thought about turning off my computer while I was away. Shouldn’t the computer be turned off anyways? I should have turned it off responsibly to save electricity power. I think it is a dumb idea to shutdown your computer from a remote place. I am also not impressed by tips about shutting your computer on a certain time by setting up a time to do that automatically.

    desktop remote control on July 17, 2009 :

    A lot of people who own an iPhone might be interested in some of the newly released apps that can act as a remote control for your computer. There is one app called WinAdmin, which uses Windows Remote Desktop Protocol and lets you easily manage and interact with any Windows computer from your iPhone. Some of the top thing you can do it include, but not limited to, viewing word documents. LogMeIn is another awesome app that lets you remotely control your PC or Mac. One thing I have yet to find out is whether these apps can shut down you computer too.

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