So what is iPhone? iPhone is a cell phone made by Apple company - the same company that made iPod, mac computers and various softwares. iPhone is considered a smart phone since it has the capability of doing various things and not just making phone calls. Some of its features include music ipod, interent with its safari web browsers, calender, notes, camera, clock, youtube videos, applications and most importantly touch screen. It doesn't have a keyboard unlike other cell phones, but rather the keyboard and most of its buttons are included inside the screen through its multi touch screen. Another unique thing about iphone is that it has a visual voice mail, meaning you only click once and see your voice mail. Its first version, also known as first generation iphone uses quad-band GSM with EDGE to connect to the web when not using wi fi technology. The most recent iphone, which is popularly known as 3G iPhone uses the second generation uses UMTS and HSDPA, which is many times faster than Edge network.

Historically speaking iPhone is probably the first cell phone that sold the most amount in a limited time frame; to give you an example - 270,000 iPhones were sold in the first 30 hours on the weekend it was released in stores. It was first sold in the US on June 29, year 2007. And yeah hundreds and throusands of people gathered outside Apple store to get the first iPhone in their hand. Since then, iphone has become available in other countries including Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, and Austria. The most recent and latest iPhone 3G went on sale on July 11, 2008; and this time it was released in over twenty two countries worldwide.

Did you know that when Apple was developing iPhone they gave it a codename Purple 2. And what iPhone can't do? It can't play flash videos other than videos that are avaible on YouTube. iphone can only play videos that are formatted mpg or mpeg. It can't capture videos either with its 2.0 mega pixel camera. Iphone also can't be used with any other wireless cell phone carrier than AT&T; and the trick is ATT iphone plans are pretty expensive compared to its other normal plans. And the new iPhone 3g plans are more than $10 expensive per month, even though the phone cost few hundred dollars less. So it is for customers and users to decide which one they like better?

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