All your questions about Verizon Wireless and Apple iPhone Gets Answered Here

Is it possible to have an iPhone through Verizon? The simple answer is no. iPhone is manufactured by Apple company and it has special contract with AT&T to use them as a wireless carrier.

How do you unlock iPhone to use with Verizon? Actually you can unlock the iPhone but it won't do any good. This is because even after tedious work of unlocking the iPhone, you will find that there is no way iPhone can work with Verizon wireless. To use an iPhone, the wireless cellphone carrier has to have HSDPA or GSM wireless network. Only AT&T and T Mobile has designed that networking. Verizon uses CDMA cellular network.

What's the closest verizon phone that works and looks like iPhone? iPhone is ultra unique and there is no cell phone that comes close to match with iPhone. Palm pre is probably the closest phone that you can get if you are thinking of an iPhone look and work alike. Alas, palm pre only works with Sprint. So you gotto unlock it...before you can even see if it will work at all with Verizon cellular network. But if it is just the touchscreen that you are after, then be glad that there are more than enough touch screen cell phone out in the market these days such as LG Dare. Blackberry Storm is the best option for you if you want it to work with Verizon.

Is Apple iPhone and Verizon Wireless deal ever going to happen?
Nobody knows for sure what will happen in the future. What we do know is that the AT&T as a exclusive carrier of iPhone contract expires in year 2011. So who knows AT&T and iPhone deal might not get renewed. Or maybe Obama administration stop them from getting together for antitrust bussiness because exclusivity deters competition.