Is Pastor Jame David Manning Right?

Is Pastor Jame David Manning Right?

I was trying to think about the issue of race today because I was hearing a lot of news about President Obama’s comment and the officials who handcuffed African American Professor Gates. I wanted to publish this footage to see what everybody thinks about it. The following statements are not my views but were made by the Honorable Pastor James David Manning about Black folks in America.

You know black people will always walk around with a chip on their shoulder. Because they are black daring anybody to say anything to them. And our society has been hijacked and kidnapped and pushed into a corner where no one can say anything publicly about black people.

If you do they call you a racist and a bigot. So the true falls and the true dialogue between white folk and black folk can not go forward because you can not speak your mind or the truth without being called a racist.

If you say anything about the spirits of black folk, the habits of black folk. The spirit that black folk are full of, the black man are full of abandonment, they are full of murder, they are full of robbery and they are full of violence. Now that does not to say that all black man are. But 70 percent of them are, 70 of them desert their children. 70 percent of them don’t marry the mother that they father the children through. 1.2 million of them are in prison. This has nothing to do with white folk or slavery. So we can’t have a meaningful dialogue about race…..

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