What is considered and constitutes as harassment from legal and law stand point?

Law can sometimes be very irritating and confusing; for example, a lot of people in the street as well as educators can't really define harassment law rules.
We can usually go about claiming he harrassed me or she got harrassed by him, but in the court it might not work. That is because their definition is far more clear and specific. The consider harassment as a discrimination charge against one person or an individual - these charges can include things like harrassing the victim based on his age, belief, color, creed, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability and few other factors. It is like an act or behavior to make a person uncomfortable for no reason. It takes place in many forms such as physical, verbal and sexual abuse, humiliation, obscene and threatening acts against your will. harassment can be defined as bothering act in a lame word terminology. There are many victims who live without taking actions againt the every day harassment they go thru either in the work place or some where else.

As we said earlier, harassment comes in many forms and there are many types of it. Here are some of them: bullying is something that often takes place in schools where kids try to harrass another student by harrassing psychologically. Then there is mobbing, where groups of people commmit harassment to an individual victim. Hazing is probably the work kind of harassment for it involves physical harm in a torture manner, and it is often times planned and done deliberately. If the the person harrassing you doesn't stop after you tell him that it is annoying, you can take a legal action by hiring a lawyer.

Most popular type of harassment are workplace harassment and sexual harassment. The most notable harassment law passed in the United States history was the Title seven Civil Rights Act. This was the bill Congress made in year 1964, which made it illegal to discriminate people at work based on his or her race, color, nationality and gender.In 1964, the United States Congress passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, , prohibiting discrimination at work on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin and sex. This later became the legal basis for early harassment law. The harassment law and regulations was further strengthened in 1969, when the U.S. Department of Defense drafted a Human Goals Charter, which prohibited discrimination and demanded equal respect for both men and women.

Now a days, with the popularity of growing number of internet computer users online a lot of harassment are taking over the web. It is known as spam in law terms. Therefore, in year 2006 the United Stated President George Bush signed an online harassment law that makes it illegal to send annoying message to an individual without disclosing the proper and true identity of the sender. So yes, it is considered illegal to leave annoying comments on someone's myspace. You could end up paying either fines or spend time in the jail. harassment attorney can be expensive, but comes handy when dealing with the jurisdiction. The Modern Penal Code section 250.4(MPC) is definiing harrassment as a petty misdemeanor if with purpose is to harass another, he: 1) makes a phone call without a legitimate purpose; or 2) insults, taunts or challenges another in a manner likely to provoke violent or disorderly response; or 3) calls at inconvenient hours or in offensive language; or 4) subjects another to offensive touching; or 5) engages in any other course of alarming conduct serving no legitimate purpose of the actor.