Why do people cyberbully and how to stop it?

Cyberbully is a type of harassment that take place online via internet. People try to cyberbully their victims by making fake profiles on social networking sites and posting vicious informations on public chatroom and forums to make them look bad, sending rude, cruel and threatening comments on their web page, emails and instant messages. Often times cyberbully takes in a form of an anonymous strangers trying to frighten a person he or she dislikes. Some consider it fun and harmless; but the truth is it is not funny to the victim who is suffering, there have been incidents where people have committed suicide after they couldn't take it anymore. Cyberbully is a deliberate hostility act, where suspects use internet information technology to repeatedly pick on someone to hurt them. They want these individuals to be torn out, feel embarrased, get isolated, and generally speaking not live a happy life. In year 2006, we law a lot of studies and reasearch being conducted about cyberbullying in the United States. Some of those survey showed that about 45% of the teens experienced one, half of the victims don't tell their parents, and close to 40% of cyberbully victims don't know their perpetrators. It is very interesting to not that 41 percent of cyberbully messages are send through cell phone text messages, 35 percent in public chatrooms online and less than 25 percent from email messages. Did you know that urgine someone to consider suicide is considered as a death threat under the law?

People cyberbully in order to take a revenge or they are jealous of that person, most of the time. But the motives for cyberbully vary from person to person; sometiems it could be just that the perpetrator is just mentally ill and want to pick on innocent people who are prone to cyberbully and other times they do it as a joke. But it should never be considered a joke, it's a serious matter and if you get involved in this you can get into huge trouble even spend a time in jail. It is illegal and against the law to cyberbully anyone.

How to stop someone from cyberbullying you or someone you know? If a kid is getting bullyed online, first and most important thing to do is to tell the parents without any kind of delay. They will take all the steps necessary to protect their kids. If your kid is a victim of cyberbully, here is what you should do to stop that and keep your child safe: most kids don't tell their parents if someone is harrasing them online because they think the parents will limit the time they access the internet and cell phones. Parents should look for warning sings carefully such as depression, lack or loss interest in school and other activities that he or she used to be into, parents can also filter out the email, keep home computer in the living room where everybody can see what they are looking at, instant messages and other communication forms, continue to monitor kids activities on social networking sites such as myspace, facebook and youtube, and ask kids to never post full and real information online. Most important step the parent can take to stop cyberbully of their child is to educate them; let your kids know what kind of behavior is offensive and unacceptable. Online is full of great information, but sometimes people use it for negative motives. There are also some great online software programs that you can either download and install for free or for a small fee. These programs can filter and track out suspicous and harmful messages automatically.