Quickest Way to Make Six Figure Income Salary Without High Advanced Degrees or Years of experience at a Job

Average family income in the United States is still well under $30,000. And remember that's not an indivual, single person income; it's a family income. Considering this fact, anybody can easily start to wonder is it really possible to earn a six figure income each year without highly advanced, in demand, professional degrees such as medical doctor or engineer. But it seems like there are jobs that offer big salaries that either doesn't require years and decades of experience and training at the same job and work force or without any sort of in depth advanced degrees. So we will list careers that gives you an earning potential of $100,000 ($100K) quickly.

Actuaries is one of the top 6 figure job that can be obtained bit easier than others. If you don't know what actuary is, it is a profession who works in the business company to estimate and work on fiancial risk and uncertainity. Their work is basically to make sure financial matters are all secure in their company; they want to make sure they don't lose any money on steps company take or in any event. So it is no wonder their annual wage can surpass $100,000 easily. They are the key individuals in the management team when it comes to hiring new employees. Since the market, companies and business's keeps on growing, changin on and new ones keep on starting, there are always an openings for personal and professional actuary.

Dental Hygienists is the next one on our list. Lets be realistic, not all dental hygienists make a six figure income. But lot of them do. It depends on how much training and experience they got. Sometimes it could just be their luck they landed in a big dental hospital and clinic that pays higher salary than other dental facilities. They work pretty independently, even though sometimes the assistants surrond them while doing their work. Dental Hygienists job tasks include cleaning, scaling and root planing, radiography, and dental sealing. Dental Hygienist are licensed professionals, but it is not that hard to get the license to practice dental hygiene. It usually requires associates degree, and some requires bachelor's degree. Compared to a medical physician school, dental hygiene school is very quick and easy.

Software Engineer is a growing job. Computer industry is growing at a fast, but steady pace. And software is what computer requires to run and perform tasks. Software engineer develops software programs for computer to perform complex calculations or work that would take humans many hours or days to complete. Most software engineers work in software industry; many of them work under contracts. They work wherever it pays better. They work in businesses, government agencies (civilian or military), and non-profit organizations to earn good wages like that.

Marketing Manager is probably one of the most critical employee of the company. Businesses are most of the time very good at developing their products and services for their customers. But the probelm they often run into is getting to know their customers and reaching out to them. That's where the marketing managers job comes in. They are the professionals who understand how the customers and business can interact in a way that can benefit both of them. That's the reason why Marketing Managers easily make over $100,000 a year. And with more years of experience and training at the same job or highly advanced degrees, the earning potential grows higher. The good thing about this career training is that it doesn't require you to have master's degree. A simple bachelor's degree or even a 2 year associates degree can give you this job.