Traits and Characteristics of rich millionaires and billionaires people have in common.

Don't we all want to be a millionaire someday? But there are certain traits and characteristics of rich people that distinguishes them from others. Regardless of how old we are, whether a college freshman student studying computer engineering or a 60 year old retired uncle James who plays lottery once a week, we all aim to become rich. Rich by definition is somebody who has more wealth than others; so as you see we are making comparisons. But generally speaking rich people have millions and billions of dollars. Average American has less than few thousands dollars in their banks along with a huge debt they owe to banks, credit card companies for their home mortgage and emergency hospital visits. But rich American people don't have to suffer like that; they got plenty of money in their banks that they can use anytime they want and that amount is far more enough than buying a mansion by paying in cash. So how did they do it? How come they are rich and you are not? Research and studies have show that there are some commonalities among pretty much all the rich people in America and the world. These common traists and characteristics of rich people are what made them millionaire and eventually turned their fortune to earn millions of dollars in return. First and foremost thing we notice about these rich individuals is that they are PASSIONATE about what they do. This is really important for if you lack a passion in your chase, you will never make it to the success that is not so hard to achieve. The luck factor often seems to come into play, but we all know it is just more than them being lucky.

Rich people made their fortune by not relying on luck or anybody but themselves. It is them, nobody else. Of course those who inherited fortune are different case and we aren't talking about them. To become a rich person, you have to be DETERMINED about what you are pursuing. It doesn't necessarily have to be what is popular or something that gaurantees you to be rich, it can be as simple as working for someone else.

Yes, some of the world's richest self-made millionaires started with working under other people in the beginning. They used these experiences and enthusiams in their advantage to seek the riches. PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE is the key. if you work for anybody who is a self made rich person, you will realize how much of a patient person he or she is. Not just that, these individuals are very hard worker and rarely gives up on anything. They understand that there is nothing that is no achievable with a greet tool and mindset of perseverance to go along with patience. If you want to be a rich, practice patience. Then comes discipline and satsifaction; they are what keeps you motivated even after you achieved what you dreamt and aiming of before. They will feel a large amoung of satisfaction after making a lot of wealth, but that same satisfaction keeps them going. In a sense satisfaction asks for more satisfaction without being complacent. They are goal oriented and after meeting their goals by, they establish new and better goals by observing what they didn't do before and organizing a plan for the future. They are capable of reflecting to their past, present and the futures and do so on about a weekly, if not daily, basis. That's the kind of discipline and hard working mentality they have. They have disciplined themselves to reach the highest tipping point they can possibly get to. That's their secret formula to becoming rich.

Most of the modern day millionaires and billionaires have gotten rich from modern technology, often by innovating new things. Rich people are innovators, they think differently than others and do things or go on a ventures that other people haven't tried before. Not sure if this one goes here, but rich people are said to have a characterstics of a philanthropy. Now critics might say they are philanthropists and donates a lot of money because they are the ones who do have a money. Some others say it is because donating to non profit organizations gives them a tax credit and saves them a lot of money while filing taxes.