How to make a most out of your summer job? Tips and advice for finding a good paying summer job?

Summer is a great time to find a job, especially for students in the school and colleges. Even the teachers can look for a summer part time job since most of the college and schools are closed during that time. Most youth look for summer job because they wanna make some spending pocket money, while others want to save a money to either pay off a smalll portion of their loan or tution fee or make a down payment on the car they always wanted to buy. There are also a group of people who are intending to look for a job during this summer so to get started with their career. Remember to have fun while working, so that it would be memorable and enjoyful. You already go through enough stress.

If you are looking for work during this summer, here is a good news for you. Recent studies have shown that nearly 25 percent of the companies have a plan to pay new employees more this summer compared to the last year. And about the same 25 % of the hiring employers intend to hire and nearly 65% of them are looking for full time summer workers to fill up their open positions. Twenty-eight percent of summer positions are office support, followed by 19 percent for customer service and 14 percent each for landscape and research work. Restaurant and food service, construction and sales each comprise 8 percent of summer jobs.

When you are on the hunt for a summer job, the first thing you have to look for is where the jobs are - meaning who are hiring. That way the new applicants can spend less time wasting around. Most of the summer work is available in family freindly areas such as vaction and hospitality industry. If you are completely new and never worked before, you should look for a entry level position without worrying about the pay scale and working period and time frame. Once you secure a job, it would get easier and you can build on your this new work experience. Rememeber, experience pays off more than anything.

Here are some advice on getting the job on the first interview. It is never too late to apply for a position - don't think the summer is almost over now so it won't make a difference to apply for a job now. It is always worth to apply for a job because you gain experience. A week experience at job is better than nothing - you atleast get to put an employers name when you fill out an application next summer. Once you get a calls for interveiws, don't just let go the ones you think is not worth going to. Applicants should always respect the interview calls and respond to them couteously and seriously. One way to do so is dress impressively.

Other typical summer seasonal positions include recreational parks, moa mall of america, chef, cooks, dishwashers, bartender, gold caddy, lawn mower, front desk, life guard, foodservice/housekeeping, bus drivers, fruit picking, dock hands, theme parks, fast food restaurants like mc donalds, administrator, storekeeper, maintenance, and sport fishing guides. These seasonal jobs start in early summer. Room and boards are included in some jobs.

Here are some more good tips for finding a summer job: Whether you are looking for a volunteer, internship, full time or part time employment, these tips are good to follow with. First figure out what do you exactly want - that is what type of position are you looking for or does it matter at all. Then go on a search to find one such job that matches your criteria. While doing so, go and write down a nice and neat resume. If you already havve a resume on your file or computer, just update it since it might be from the last year and since then you have might new experience gained and address changed, etc. And yeah, of course gather your references. And good luck making money.