Natural Sleeping Tips and Tricks

Natural Sleeping Tips and Tricks

So you are having problem sleeping and waking up on time. Sleep is probably one of the most important thing we do in our life besides eating healthy foods, because it helps our body gets rest and process all the thoughts and memories we go through in our daily lives. Sleep is not just for benefit of our physical body, but it affects our inner mind or mentality a lot too. A good night sleep can make you look fresh and in good mood, where as a sleepless night (popularly known as insomnia) will make you feel tired and crabby the next morning. But not everybody is able to get a good sleep during night for different reasons. So here we will try to cover various aspects of tips and tricks to getting a natural sleep, without having to rely on medications.

Got to bed on time. This is probably the best tip anybody can give you. Get used to going to bed on time and make it a habit starting today. Even it you can’t help sleep, just try at least. If you get taken away by late night TV shows or browsing the web on the internet, set an alarm for bed time. Morning alarm alerts you that it is time to wake up, where as night time alarm can act as reminder for bed time to fall asleep. Setting an alarm one hour before bedtime can really help remind you to “power down.”

Avoid eating right before heading to bed. You should have eaten dinner long time before bed time. In the meantime, avoid the urge to snack on too. Snacks that are high on sugar raises your blood sugar level and can keep you awake for many hours. Caffeine can also affect your alertness level as well.

Sometimes the environment in which you are sleeping has to do with your sleep comfort level. It is usually easy to sleep in a room temperature that is cold than warm and dark room helps too.

An interesting thing that I found some experts talk about is creating a same bed time ritual every single night. It puts our body and mind in a natural rhythm, once it understand what is going on and sees the pattern. A bed time ritual could be such as going to bathroom, brushing the teeth, preparing the bed to get inside, reading couple of pages from a book, setting the alarm for tomorrow morning and turning off the light. Even though this trick is pretty simple, it will work and may act as an alternative to sleeping pills many people have to take.

Sleep comes naturally when our body is tired. So sometimes the problem of insomnia is caused because we are not tired enough. In such cases, we can turn into doing physical exercise routine to help us. The physical activity doesn’t have to be too hard, just as simple as running in the back yard or doing a couple of push ups.

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