Pet safety tips during winter season

Pet safety tips during winter season

Some of us consider our pets as a part of our family, but we shouldn’t forget it is our respndibility to protect them from cold winter weather. The can’t communicate verbally or as efficient as us to let know of their needs, so we can take the following pet safety tips into consideration:
Here are some easy things you can do that will prevent them from injuries such as throwing ice melts on surfaces outside that are labeled pet safe. Know that antifreeze substances can be deadly poisonous, so store them where pets can reach. Have your pets dog tagged or ID tag in case it go missing. Make sure to bundle up your pet with clothes and blankets if the air condition is not turned on. Take pet outside only for a short potty time if it is freezing out there. Don’t forget to keep your pet hydrated with water even though it is not a hot summer time.
Check ears, nose, tails and paws for frostbite by looking for affected gray area. It turns red as it thaws. Best thing to do is to put the affected area in a lukewarm water. As you have to keep your pets indoor for long hours, try to keep them physically active.

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