Things You Shouldn't Wear On Wedding

Wedding or marriage is a day when two souls sign up to remain and commit for each forever. But such days can sometimes become a day when you make mistakes that you will remember for the rest of your life. You would want to avoid these wedding dress mistakes:
White dress or suit is not for everyone, but for just one person - that's a bride. Let the bride get the attention she deserves. It is not P Diddy's White Party, where everybody has to wear white outfits. If you wear white on a wedding day and it is not your marriage, you will get attention that you don't want to get.

Leave shorts at home. Who wears a short at the wedding? Can't think of anyone who should wear a short on someone's wedding. Don't dress that casual; it is meant to be a formal day. Another thing is the mini skirts; ladies please avoid wearing mini skirts, the groom is already taken.

Stay away from glitters or any shiny things. It is very distractive, especially when taking wedding pictures; you don't want to blunder the newlyweds happiness. Remember you are not the star, the bride and grooms are. And for bridemaids, try not to show more cleavage than the bride.

Other things that you should avoid wearing on a wedding party is sports shoes, leather pants or coats, hats that don't seem to belong there. So far we have listed what not wear on friend's wedding day. Now here are some of the tips for the bride and groom, start with the type of venue you will be having the wedding take place. Let the style and color of your dress match the wedding place. And when shopping for a necklace for your wedding dress make sure the necklace works with the neckline. For example, if you're wedding dress has a deep V go for a necklace that has a drop and fills the space. These are some of the healthy good choices. Friends of groom should always show respect for the occasion by wearing a tie, no matter how casual the ceremony may appear. But no shorts.