Why You Should Date A Nerd over any other kind of guy?

How is dating a nerd better than dating a cool, flashy guy? Nerd guys are considered unsexy; girls don't like nerdy guys; they like flashy guys with a smooth like a good looks. But here are the top list of reason why girls should start dating a nerd than other types. Nerds are the one who score good grades, but they can't get any girlfriend; or maybe the reason behind that is that they are not really looking for a companionship. However, it is true though the are largely population of boys who are ignored by their girl classmates. In the long run, it pays off to be with a nerd than a rebillious and stereotypically cool guy. The lonesome nerd guys are smart, intelligent and have a bright future waiting for them. Instead of judging them by their looks, try to look into their hearts and minds. They are the ones who really makes sence if thought carefully, and more nice and sincere. They are the true gentlemen who can usu articulative vocabulary words. They can woo with their education that holds more value than a stereotypical cool guy who got nothing but his rebellious bad attitude. Nerds can help you get A and good GPA in your school and college course such as science and maths.

First and foremost, if you get in deep relationship with a nerd who knows you might end up making a family with him. That gives you a better chance of having a star treatment. They are the bosses of tommorrow. These guys have their priority straight and most importantly will easily impress your parents. Don't you want to keep your momo and dad happy? Another thing is you won't be like their one another girlfriends; they prefer one girl in their life unlike their opposites who like to jerk around with lots of different girls. That way you won't have to worry about your man going to night clubs looking for other women.

They care about you since you will be part of his life. This is because once they have their mind made up, they go through with it happily and smoothly just like they did with their education and career training. You won't have to worry about gaining baby bumps and pregnancy weights, they accept you with the way you are. They care more about you as a person than as you a good looking object. You can be yourself around him, in short words. And they are very good at remembering things; so your birthday, anniversary, holidays will all be reminded by him. Expect gifts on time. In the meantime, they are easygoing. They know where in the life to be serious and when to take it lightly and enjoy.

If you ever get into fight with your friends, they will be there for you. They will give you the wise expert advices that you deserve and he is capable of giving. They got brains and intelligence to look into the matter rationally and help you make sense out of it. Oh yeah, if you are a myspace user or addict, he can show you magics such as peeking or hacking into your people and friends profiles who been wondering the secret she has been about. You won't have to worry much about the money either, he will bring home plenty of them. No need to call a computer tech support guy with an indian accent or Best Buy Geek Squad, he will fix and repairt your laptop computer for you. He is a total geek. So, stop worrying about your credit score.

Last but not least, they will listen to you. You can have a good talk and conversation with nerds for long hours. You will be heartfelt once the conversation reaches end. He will open a completely new and better perspective for you to think from. They will be there for you when your mom and dad needs to fix their computer software issues or you need a help in solve a algebra math problems. He can show how it is done. And yeah nerds are far more funnier than others; they can make you laugh and bring smile to your face. That keeps you happy. Their good sense of humour will amaze you.