Rip Off Bargain Offers to Avoid

Rip Off Bargain Offers to Avoid

Believe it or not a lot of us easily at the risk of getting rip off, especially when bargain hunting for cheap money saving offers. US Federal Trade Commission belives that just last year Americans ended up spending more than $1.2 billions on fake money saving deals; that’s an average of $2057 by every single individual consumer in America.

Here are some of the top rip off and bargain deals to avoid:
Travel Discount Clubs – their in-person representatives will offer you good perks and gifts offers to include in your club membership fee. But more often than not, customers leave them with dissatisfaction.

Cell phone replacement insurance – what kind of insurance is that? It is like as if people are already not fed up enough with government law mandated insurance for cars and houses. And get this – these cell phone replacement insurances have various deductibles ranging from $50 to as much as $300. That’s crazy considering phones doesn’t really cost that much and often the carrier providers give it away for free.

Mail in rebates. They totally suck. Mail in rebates should be instant rebate at purchase. There is a high probability of getting disappointed after all the hard work and time you spend on putting together the receipt and other forms to include inside the letter for mail-in-rebate.

Extended warranties – salesman like to offer you extended warranties in addition to the warranty that is already included in the merchandise or any product you just bought. If you need a warrranty for this product that bad then there is something wrong at the first place.

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    Avoid Getting Ripped OFf on July 29, 2009 :

    Don't waste money on overpriced stuff when cheaper options are available. I will list some of the top expenses where people are wasting their money on or should I say where they are throwing their cash away: Cable TV service – you only want a basic cable service, but you end up paying a premium channel service when they offered a free HBO and Showtime channels for 6 months after which you will pay a regular 99 dollars a month unless you cancel it. What should you do now? Cancel it. Just keep a basic service and watch the rest on your computer online. Internet has lot of websites that stream shows from TV.
    Warranties – whether it is your car or computer, don't get scammed into warranties things. Most of the time we don't even need a warranty. Other times you can use third party warranty providers who gives cheaper deals.

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