Top Reason Why Sound On Your Computer is Not Working

Top Reason Why Sound On Your Computer is Not Working

So you try to play an audio on your computer and all of a sudden you notice that there is not sound coming out? What can be the problem? First, check to see if the speaker and volume is on and notices that they are on and not muted. So what should you do next. Here are some of the top reasons why computer sound stop working and how to fix them easy way. Hopefully, you will go through them and one of them match with the issue and bring the sound back on you computer.

Microsoft Windows has listed a bunch of tips for fixing sound problems that are viewed very common because a lot of people are having these same issues. Since you don’t hear sound from your computer, you have to do some diagnostic checks to find out the what is causing the problem. Does your computer has a sound card? To find out, first go to Start button and then click Control Panel followed by System and Maintenance. Now go to Device Manager under which you will see the options to choose Video, Sound and Game controllers. Clicking on the Sound folder will let you see if you have one or not. If the Sound Card is missing your should install one and most likely that will bring the sound back to your computer.

Although missing a sound card is the most common cause of not hearing sound on your computer, there could be other causes too. For example, simple things such as speaker being not hooked up to the computer properly – some people plug speaker cable in the microphone area. Or maybe your computer volume is either turned way down or it is muted. For that you just go to volume control settings located on the bottom right hand side of the task bar. You should see a volume icon there and right clicking on that button should open up the volume control settings of your computer.

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2 Responses to “Top Reason Why Sound On Your Computer is Not Working”

    Tenzin Zhivago on July 26, 2009 :

    Most computer sound problem is caused due to driver problem. You can either do a fresh re install of the driver. If that doesn’t’ help, you try doing the system restore to the last date when your computer was able to play audio files.

    However, if you have a speaker attached to the computer try connecting it to another computer and see if it works then. Looking into the Hardware Manager in Control Panel is a good trick too.

    Computer Hardware Nerd on July 27, 2009 :

    Actually, the solution to fixing computer sound problem is as easy as following the directions on GPS navigation map. I will list the step by step guide to how you can go about fixing the sound on your computer that is not working: First you to the bottom right screen on your computer, which is also know as the Task Bar. There you should look for the volume control icon and click on it. If the mute button checked, uncheck it. Now see if the audio is working, if not follow the next step

    This time right click on the volume control and uncheck any of the mixer buttons that are located next or under the mute, such as synth, bass, mic, wav, etc. And then go the Sounds and Audio Device Properties located way down at the end of this same dialog box and set the device volume to high there. In the meantime, go to Speaker Volume and change it’s volume to high as well. Lastly, go to the Hardware settings and select the Driver tab. If your computer is connected to the internet, click to update the computer sound driver. Hopefully that will solve the problems everybody is facing these days.

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