What are some of the popular places for summer vacations?

What are some of the good places to travel and visit in the world to take summer vacation? Summer vacation is probably the only one thing kids say yes for whenever, wherever and whatever. It is not only fun but also brings family together. It starts from the month of June, and stays for July and August. There are so many places to visit for summer holidays but some of the most popular destinations are such as parks, camps, resorts, ranchs, road trips. These are all outdoors and activities are more enjoyful when it takes outside enjoying the hot weather.

Here are list of some of the most popular places people spend summer vacations at: Florida is considered a place for families vacation all year-roundd for it has so many theme parks. It is known as the sunshine state as a matter of fact. The orlando city has so many things disney world, islands, resorts and all the good things that are family friendly. If you do reach Disney world, do visit parades that is free at no extra charge in Magic Kingdom; IllumiNations, unique spectacle at night at Epcot, followed by fireworks; more FIREWORKS, at Magic Kingdom.

Then there is Alabam gulf shores, which extends 32 miles of sugar-white beaches. The price and charges there are pretty reasonable too. Things to enjoy include season, sparkling waters around the shore along with rolling dunes and white sand beaches. They have amusement parks and adventure islands, hot air balloons and various water sports there.

Holiday world is a great vaction place as well. It has Rides for Little Ones. It is located in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana. You pay only one time fee to get into both the Holiday World and the Splashin' Safari water park; there you get to enjoy free sodas, picnic ground, lemonade, parking, iced tea and ice water. In Splashing Safari, there is a kiddie play zone that has tree houses and water sprinklers for kids. Parents can also have their kids enjoy the Santa sings and tells Christmas stories three times a day

London sightseeing is one of the top things to on many families' lists. You can take boat tours and trips there. And then enjoy The Tower of London. Actually it isn't a tower, but what it is that a collections of acres of towers, ramparts, and a Green with resident ravens. Othere noticable attractions there are Beheaded Queens, imprisoned princes, famous prisoners such as Guy Fawkes. British Museum is also a great place where small kids are excited by looking at Rosetta Stone, and Egyptian mummies, and upright Greek statues.