How to Travel Around the World? On a Limited Budget, For Free, With Grants or As a Work. Some Tips and Advices.

Travelling around the world is not only fun, but it also gives you the opportunity to see and experience the adventure other parts of the world. Many people call it a gap year - the time when they travel around the world by taking a break from their stressful life of everyday college and work. Few decades ago, it wasn't very easy to visit other countries as much as it is new. It makes your more sophisticated, open minded and more worldly. Now a days, nations have understood the importance of letting foreginers come in; they have many it very convenient and often times we see commercials on TV shows such as Discovery Travel channel. Tourists help generate income to the local economy of the country since they would be spending money while they stay there. There are plenty of ways to travel around world too. Most popular mode of transportation in this case is to fly on aeroplane flights; but you can also take cruise ships or go in between flights, train and buses. There are lot of budget airlines; it is best to book airline tickets early and on timeline when it is not busy. Here are some of the top tips to travel all over the world: Buy all the air, train and bus tickets from the same place to get a big discount. Plan ahead and organize everything in a way so that you won't have to worry much where you put your personal belings or what you should do in case this and that happens. Bring clothes that can dry quickly along with shoes that are comfortable. One of the best advice I found online is to carry your own water bottle; that way you won't have to spend a penny on water; just refill it whenever and wherever you can for free. Always carry your emergency contact address and place it somewhere in your backpack where it is not too hard to find nor too easy lose. Plan to travel to places that is very unfamiliar to you if you are on the look out for a new outlook and adventurous journey. A real mind opener would be if you travel to locations that lack convenience so that will have to lake a long walk and hiking.

Ferdinand Magellan of Portugal was the first man to travel around the world; he was an explorer. The best companion or people to travel with is your family and friends, of course. Best things to carry is your camera, wi fi laptop, pen and a notebook. The total cost of traveling around the world would depend on a lot of factors such as how and where you travel, etc; And the easiest and quikest way to see the world is through Google Earth program. You can watch the entire places, cities, countries and world on it. It will take you less than an hour long of your time. Couchsurfing is the another helpful website, it helps you find people who have extra couch in their house for you to sleep on.

When backpacking for your trip, less is more. It means that the less things you carry, the more you save - whether it in the case of flight luggage, taxi cab or you getting exhausted. Therefore, pack light stuff and bring heavy things only when it is neccessary. Whether you are a student, senior or government worker, use discounts that are offered all the time. Buying groceries of your own and cooking yourself saves you a lot of money. Lodge at place that offer extended stay special prices. Train rides are sometimes considered the best way to take a trip since you get to see even when on the train. Some of the most popular scenic train rides are Amtrak's Scenic Train Rides, La Nariz Del Diablo, The Thunder Mountain Line, Agawa Canyon Railroad and Silverton-Durango Narrow Gage. Now lets look at the money part. Corporate business employees and CEOs travel every week or so to different countries, but their travel is fully paid by the company. But how do ordinary people can get to travel around the world in a limited budget? Are there option to see the world for free or any kind of government grants? Well, there seems to be such options but they are not completely free. There are many careers and jobs that lets you travel around the wolrd - join any of the military branches such as Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force. Most of these don't require a college degree. You can also become a flight attendent, pilot, cruise ships workers, travel nurse, company saleman or representative, teach english language, international business, actors, models, travel agents, historian, archaeologist, foregin diplomats, journalists and reporters. You can also choose to work as a volunteer in world organizations such as WWF, Amnesty International, Red Cross; you are helping others. Your other option is to sign up with the programs and clubs such as Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF), FIMA, WHO, Peace Corps, Rotary Club, UNICEF and Hostel World. After joining WWOOF, it will find you a household family where you get to stay in exchange for a little farm work. If you have an Ipod, visit Ipanda that gives you luggage guide for Asia and Europe.

Here are some of the warnings and tips when travelling the whole world. Exhange your money with the local currency at the banks or airports that offer higher rates. Don't exchange with a private party in the street or somewhere; they might offer you less money for your currency. Before going to places, check news to make sure that place doesn't have any political distraction. Did you know that you can get international health insurace? It is good for people who travel a lot all over the world so your medical bills can be paid whenever or wherever you get sick. Travel Insurance, however, is better although it is expensive. Keep your passport and visa safe and secure; people might try to steal them so that they cold sell it in the black market. Have your vaccinations information such as Hepatitis A and B updated. Take care of your health issues; if you take any medications be sure to carry extra doses with you. Don't plan on buying any medications from foreign countries; some of them lack regulations and you might get the wrong medications or ones with bad ingredients. Make sure you know the laws and regulations of your travel destinations and be sensitive to their culture. And if you don't have enough money right now, start saving now.