Are Cruise Ships More Dangerous Than Other Travel Means like Airplanes?

Cruise ships carries a lot of danger along side sinking down the ocean. But that's very rare thanks to modern days technology.
If you compare travelling on the plane versus cruise lines, there is not much difference when it comes to potential risk. Air planes have risk of getting hi jacked similar to 9/11 incident by terrorist. Although this can happen in cruise ships too, but we often don't think about terrorists attempting to take over the ship for some reason. Rather we wonder if it will sink because of some malfunction. And yeah it is more likely for travellers to get sea sick than get physically harmed by some other people.

And yes, cruise ship can be as dangerous as riding on your car, public transportation like buses and light rails. The dangers lurkes around everywhere you go at the end. But you have to make the decision. If you like to read the statistics, then yeah you can go and read which mode of transportation is more hazardous. And there is nothing wrong with that. Atleast you are attempting to keep your safe.

But isn't cruise ship more like a long term transportation and thus involve staying in there just like in hotels or motels? Now that's very true. And it comes with your own room. It is pretty much like an apartment building that is moving slowly so that you can watch the oceanic beauty, if any, while travelling to your desired destination place. But sometimes you can get unlucky and get stuck with a complete stranger but thats the part of life - take the public bus for example. The main thing to concern about is people drinking excessively and disrupting your pleasant travel time. Other than that, only thing that comes to mind is lack of food. But ships stock plenty of food in their kitchen, so no worries. Maybe food poisoning or virus spreading since people are travelling together for a a good week or so time in a closed compartment, if you will. How common is that people getting abducted in the ships? Kids and young girls gettign kidnapped in the cruise ship while their parents are not watching sometime seem to appear on the tv news stories. But you should be more concerned about preveniting things like this from happening rather than focusing on it and staying fearful. Have you heard of people specially the kids falling off ships balconies and drowning in the water? Yes, but it is not that common. I only heard or actually saw this happened once thus far in my lifetime. It was when I was watching the movie Titanic - the ship hit the iceberg and the coast gaurd didn't show up on time because they didn't have the technology to get instant message about the emergency. So people drown. Some people were able to hang onto their life gaurd suits in the freezing cold water. The main thing of concern while travelign on cruise ships are bad weather like storms, pirate attacks (seriously, do they exist now a days?), not knowing emergency procedures like CPR and first aid. But fear not, cruise ships just like air planes comes equipped with the safety and health devices along with trained people. They have already thought about your safety and risk.