What Places Are Most Affordable to Travel and Live For People Who Are Retired?

If you are looking for a good but cheap locations in U.S. for retirement, then make no mistake you are not the only one who is doing so. Things are not only expensive now a days but they are not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. That's why we have generated a list of U.S. cities that has pretty reasonable prices for things that matter in our day to day lives. So here are the top list of places for old seniors: Columbus city in Ohio state tops the list for its housing, income and inflate rate. If you compare the housing prices with the average income people earn in different places around the US, Columbus city becomes the most affordable location to live in. The inflation rate (the rate at which things get more and more expensive) there is much lower than other areas. If you are looking at more southern part of the states, then Texas stands out.

The state of Texas has cities like Houston and Dallas. Texas is a booming state; its economy is unbeatable if taken into account the sports franchies like nba Houston Rockets and nfl Dallas Cowboys reside there. Since we are talking about retiring, get this - about 20% of people residing there who are over 65 years (average retirement age) earns a weekly paycheck. That's outstanding and its because of the way economy is doing good there.

More and more companies are entrepreneurs are starting up their businesses there, following the Toyota Motor's foothpaths. The energy, technology and healthcare industries has a good outlook and are deemed to be prosperious as of now.

Belfast in Maine is next. It has only a population close to 7000 people. So seniors and people longing for a quite location should enjoy it. The good part is you don't see many tourists there now a days either, unlike during the days when Belfast used to have factories ranging from shoes to sardine foods. But they are now replaced by skilled jewelry makers, glassblowers, and weavers. On the other hands, residents of Belfast get to enjoy it brand new Waterfall Arts center. This arts gallery is only two years old now and it showcases paintings of landscape and sculpture that are made from native hay bales, sustaining its nature theme.

Now all these economy, housing and financial factors are ok, but what about health? Salt Lake City in Utah is that place. This place is growing like crazy. It has nearly 16 doctors per thousand people. Thats way above United States national average. This helps ensure old retired seniors can be taken good care of by cluster of health professionals working in growing number of health facilities around.