How to best prepare for travelling on a long road drive?

Driving can be hard sometimes, especially you are travelling for a long time. Therefore, it is best to keep yourself prepared for the worse and plan ahead. You never know what you will face on a long road trip. So how do you plan a long road travel and trips? We will outline some tips for you that will help you on your long road drive trip. You will have to make a checklist of items that you want to carry with you. Following with tips and advice can make your family road trip fun, comfortable and memorable. Decide on what you definitely will do on your trip.

As a prospective traveller, you have to make sure you know what your budget is. That way you don't end up short of cash before even reaching or arriving at your destination. One thing that helps a lot is to bring plenty of food and beverages in the car; but make sure you remain fresh. Use ziploc type of bags and boxes that can hold ice cold temperature. One thing that is must is the medical emergency kit - that will include medical products that help with any unforseen injury. Don't forget the flash light and blankets.

Plan ahead by looking up maps and places that you will drive through. That way you can plan where and when you will make stops. There could be parks, museums, your favorite restaurants and interesting venues in the middle of the road. If you do travel with kids, bring good amount of snacks for them along with books or games for them to get engaged in. Childrens sometimes can't tolerate long road travel, but there are many new electronic gadgets that they like - video games, dvd movies, music players like ipod. Bring these portable items in the car.

Here are check list of what you should do with your automobile cars with hitting the road for long trip: schedule a goog quality car tune up. Have car mechanic do inspection of car brakes, suspension, cooling system, tires and other basic but important car drive train components. Carry spare tire and extra gas in containers just in case you run out of tire aire pressure or gas in places where there are no gas stations. Carry tool kits with you; even though you have a lot of things in the car already along with luggage, it is always a good idea to have vehicle care tool kits inside. Know you car mileage, it helps a lot.

And if you are bringing your pets with you in this long road travel, make sure your pet is used to it. What you can do is few days or weeks before heading for this long road trip, go on short travel with your pet that way he or she gets the feel for it. If you are planing to stop and stay at the hotels, call them ahead to know they are find with pets staying in the hotel with you. Be sure to take break by not drving for hours and hours; and pay special attention to road signs. Safety comes first.