Tips on how to avoid, reduce and cure jet lag symptoms?

Jet lag is basically a temporary sleep disorder that travellers experience whil travelling oversees that has different time zones, due to which body has to adjust and adapt to to the rapid changes in environmental time. Sometimes they undergo Jet Lag when they come back from travelling to far away places, because they got used to time clocks of these destinations. This disrupts body's circadian rythms and physiological as well as psychological conditions gets affected. It has disorienting effects, especially while on long air travel, but it could be due to other changes too. These other causes include start of daylight saving time, different work shifts such as night shift and day length due to winter and summer season. Some common symptoms of jet lag are fatigue, Deep Vein Syndome (also known as DVS) the swelling that occurs due to travelling high above the sea at the hundereds of thousands of feet, insomnia, tiredness, nausea, headache, frustration, difficulty concentrating on things, dizziness, dehydration, allergies, confusion, and loss of apetite. It can sometimes be hard to beat and leave jet lag behind, but there are ways to reduce the symptoms. However, before we head onto the cure and remedies of jet lag, lets discuss how can we prevent the jet lag to start with. It is possible to avoid them by following these tips - you have to live a normal day with good amount of sleep and exercise the day before you travel. Physical exercise is especially important to prevent DVS; some good forms of exercise for that are walking up and down the stairs, small jogging and swimming. You can also do stretches when you are in between changing the flights. These are the steps that makes your prepare for jet lag.

Choose a flight time in such a way that you get to sleep plenty; a good way would be to book a air flight tickets for night airplane that you would be flying for over 8 hours. That way you get to sleep and won't miss it if you have to go to meet up with your business partners or friends and families. A sleep deprivation can affect activities of your daily lives. Choose a seat that fits you best - that is if you are a kind of person that goes to bathroom often then choose the seat by the aisle and next to the restroom, otherwise choose seat that is by the window and far away from restroom so that other travellers won't disturb you.

It is a little known fact but very common that jet lag can give you dehyradtion and loss in apetite because we don't feel like eating or drinking since we are thinking too much in our head. For that reason, eat healthy foods that has good amounts of vitamins and minerals before you get ready reay to travel. Avoid foods that have high level of sugar that could make you hyper. Eat prottein rich foods during day time and carbohydrate kind in nights. A well balanced diet is the best. You should be avoiding alcoholic and caffienated beverages at all cost. Instead go for water and fruite juices. There are lot of herbal remedies like valerian and hops that you should be carrying along with you. Put on clothes that are lose and layer since flight have air condition system on all the time and wear slippers that are not too tight and not too lose to fall of easily. When you arrive at your travel destination, be sure to walk around the downtown and beaches to feel the fresh air and sun light. It is important to set you watch according to where you are and follow the timetable of place where your fligh has finally landed once and for all. Instead of going to your sleep right away, fight the sleep. Manipulate your sleep pattern by exposign your body to the sunshine to make it think it is really a day time that you are always used to. Take hot shower to make yourself fresh and stay awake. Then go to sleep when it is dark, even though that's not really your regular sleep time if looked from your native time zone perspectives. You can put on dark sun glasses to prevent exposing to light. That's how you reduce the jet lag.

Did you know that it takes a person one day per every hour of a time zone difference to return to a normal sleep pattern? That's according to the study by NASA. And on a side note, a research conducted by an Air Traveller agency found that when Viagra is taken along with ligh therapy, rat's circadian rythms body adjusted more quickly than any other methods. There is still a debate over this and how effective melatonin dosage is when trying to overcome jet lag.