Useless Things People Waste Money On

Useless Things People Waste Money On

Money is tight these days, especially if you aren’t working and rely completely on someone else like you parents, kids, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. So the best thing you could do to help them is to start asking them less often. It might seem hard in the beginning, but there are thing things that you can do even if you have no choice or have to keep rely on them for money. How about avoid money wasters? This will help you keep more cash in your pocket by cutting spending on useless items.

The top useless money waster is late fees. Seriously, what do you get for paying late fees? Nothing, literally. So try to avoid late fees at all cost. Return those red box dvd and blockbuster movies on time; or try sending those dvd movies to their rental store right after you watch them. Pay you car payments, cable bill, utility charges, etc on time; it will not only help you keep the money that you could have kept but also keep your credit score in good status.

Phone apps is one of the hottest business for young people and cell phone enthusiastic. At first the phone apps and ringtones might seem cheap at the cost of a dollar per download, but if you add up all the games, iphone apps, ringtones and wallpapers bought you will be surprised how much money you really wasted. After a while, they are useless when interest is lost. Instead try getting them for free online or even creating one on your own.

Putting money in a bank checking account is probably one of the most common money wasting thing people do. You might ask why; seriously, why not put your extra money in a saving account or other high interest yielding accounts. Banks are eating up all the money you could have earned because they are lending your money to other people at a very high interest rates when your money is left with them.

Attention to rebates is another mind blowing dumb mistake people make. Just fill up the rebate form after you purchase an item and send them right away. You will get the rebate money, thoughts of which let you buy that item initially. Now finish the task man. Don’t make these rebate forms totally useless.

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3 Responses to “Useless Things People Waste Money On”

    Living on less on July 26, 2009 :

    this is a good list of common spending traps. These leaks in your budget can add up to big bucks without you hardly noticing. I have some more money-wasters to add to the list – buying items new when you can get through with a used one, eat out pretty often and buy items you don’t even use.

    Suzie Orman on July 26, 2009 :

    I can add some more to the top list of ways people waste their money everyday: paying banking fees is something that nobody should be doing, actually if somebody is paying a fee it should be the bank because they are making money through (interest charges) on people’s money. Avoid ATM fees at all cost; always some (not many) cash in your pocket or wallet.

    Also there are times when people buy items that they will never use and sign up for service that is of no use to them. Don’t pay for things that you can get for free or cheaper; so do pay visits to thrift store or your local dollar store.

    Imagine how many people are wasting their money everyday buying into brand name items. Instead they could give a thought about generic ones that contain basically the same ingredient and do the same thing, but cost less.

    Last but not least, never be complacent with your insurance policy whether it be for your car or home. Remember that you can always find a bargain for insurance at price cheaper than your currently pay for.

    Chazynza on November 26, 2015 :

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