Web is a short nickname for world wide web. Web is a system of hypertext files an documents that is openly reachable through the Internet. User can view any webpage by usign a web browser like internet explorer, firefox, safari, etc to view the web contents like text, photos, audio, videos and other contents that are linked via hyperlinks. Most of us use the words Internet, Web and Online interchangeably. But remember that the terms Internet and the Web are different, although they are related a lot.

The Internet provides a large massive networking system. Internet helps connects hundreds of millions of computers come together at a global level, creating an amazing network in which any computer in any part of the world can communicate with any other computer. Information and contents travels over the Internet though a variety of internet languages which are known as protocols.

Through Web, documents and information can be distributed over the Internet. So the Web is a large portion of the Internet. As you navigate through tons of web pages, you can click on the Back button of the web browser to go back, and Forward button to go forward again. The World Wide Web was created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Sam Walker ( United Kingdom), and Robert Cailliau (Belgium).

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