How to Add a Song and Myspace Music to Myspace Profile Page?

Whether you are looking for ways to add your own music from your computer to your myspace page or songs that are already uploaded there and playing on myspace to your myspace profile, you have come to the right place to get the answers. We will go through all these questions regarding adding songs and music anywhere in your myspace profile - it can be in the background or on top right corner of the profile page. First lets get this straight - if you have not signed up or joined myspace as a myspace music artists you can't upload songs to your page. The only way to upload music to your profile is to join as an artists. However, you can still add songs to your profile. Here is how you do it - user has to either go to their faviorite music artist's page and click on Add Song button by any song they want to add or use other websites such as flash mp3 generators where you upload songs from your computer and the url code they give you can be added to your myspace page. So to upload music and mp3 songs to your page, you have to be a myspace music artists. But to add music, you can either add the songs uploaded by artists or use other methods such as adding mp3 and other audio codes from websites that generates them. And yes you don't have to use myspace songs to put them there.

So here is how you add songs from your own computer to your myspace page. First you sign up with the myspace and then join the Music Artists group. The first steps makes you a normal user of the site and the second step enables you to share your own music with other people - meaning they can not only listen to it but also play on their own page without having to visit the artists page. Anyways, once you become an artist there, you go to Music tab and then click on Upload song button. It takes only a few minutes to finish uploading a whole album. A lot of bands use this feature to promote their upcoming release of new ablum and songs from it. The cooleset feature is that it enables other users to add your song to their page. That's also the way to add songs that myspace don't have it.

If you have trouble putting music to the page, you can also try using the help section; users can find a lot of tips and advice. How to add a music in the background of a myspace profile? So you want to keep your songs visually hidden but people can still hear it. That is not difficult. You just have to use html code to do so. Use background music generators; they are very easy since the only thing you have to do is tell them what music you want to play in the background. Here is the easy code to make the mp3 music and songs you have uploaded, you get the exact url and copy it down. Or else if you can find the mp3 url of a song, copy it somewhere. Don't forget the song format doesn't have to be mp3 only, it can be wav, midi, or any music format; you just need the song url. After you obtain it, use this easy to remember short code - ; you just need to add your song url in the place where it says url_of_the_song. It is that simple. Another option is to make the music player completely white so that people can't see it. The good choice is to use the imeem music and customize the color of it so that the color matches the background color of your myspace profile page.

There are lot of myths about adding songs to myspace page; here are some of them - that you have to be a friend of myspace music band artist before you add their songs; that you can't add music from someone else profile - it is not true. You can add music from other user's profile even if they are not an artists. What you do is look at their myspace codes and copy the music codes they have on their page and paste it down to your own profile. It is also possible to add songs that you can't find on myspace music search - please read the tips we listed in the beginning of this solution article. If the music has been either blocked by the artist, user or the websites, you can still add it to your page. You can put music anywhere on the myspace, which includes profie page, blog, bulletins and many other pages.