How to remove and clear recent search history performed on Yahoo Toolbar?

Yahoo Toolbar is a free tool that can either be download separately or with the new installation of Internet Explorer web browser. This toolbar gives you the capability of searching anything online just like search features does without visiting the directly first. Yahoo toolbar also includes free pop up blocker, anti virus software and some other options like email link. But there have been big complaints among many users who perform search through Yahoo Toolbar on shared computers. This takes away their privacy as the searched keywords, phrases and websites remain the toolbar for weeks and months, depending on its default settings. It saves recent searches done on the computer. Other users can see what the previous computer user searched for and where he or she was looking and websites visited. So now internet computer users are looking for solutions about how to clear the search history from Yahoo Toolbar in a way that it would delete the history of all searches performed so far. If you have already looked up how go about removing all the search history from there, you must not have been happy with the results thus far. That's the problem we have been facing and I was able to clear the history after trying every single method. Here we will list every method and each step one by one in detail without confusing you too much. Try this first to clean up the history on yahoo search engine tool bar - Go to Tools, then Internet Option, select Content tab and click to uncheck Autofill if it is checked. That will get rid of search history on Internet Explorer. For Firefox, do same thing by clicking on Tools, Options, Privacy and then uncheck Saved Form Information.

One of the best and easy way to remove previous search text from your yahoo search window is to delete the history, clearing up cookies and clear the cache after them. To do that method, you have to open you web browser, whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or any other ones, and go to Internet Options. Once there, check the button the delete history, remove temporary files and clear cookies or cache. This step should be very easy to follow, even for a people who are not much familiar with the computer or not savvy about it. Although not recommended because there are many simple and easy tricks, you can also download Free Internet Window Washer. Because Yahoo Search The Web Toolbar has different versions and if you are not patient enough to try each and every tasks, you might not be able to remove all the search histories from the toolbar. After you install this software, with a one easy click of a button, it erases all the web pages from computer hard disk space, removes history and stored cookies. It not only gets rid of internet cache but also free up computer hard disk space for other things. There are also Clear All History Software in the market too - it does so many things such clear the Internet history, clear search history, clear Google search history and Yahoo search history, toolbar search history, clear AutoComplete forms, address bar history, delete Temporary Internet Files (cache), stored passwords, cookies in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Netscape. "ClearAllHistory also empties Windows Temporary Folders, clears clipboard, Recycle Bin content and Recent documents history, clears Windows Run History, search history, and Start Menu open programs history"

But try these easy tips first, it is free and requires no installation. It only takes few minutes to finish. The second and probably the most important way to search list history from yahoo toolbar is to click on the arrow or pencil button right by the space where you can insert your keywords being searched for. It will pull down a menu, after which you click on Options. Then place your mouse on Clear History. This should do it. Another simple way is to once you put inside yahoo search what you are trying to search for and if the past history searches show up - just right click on the ones that you want to get rid of and choose delete. Yahoo itself has now started to provide help regarding how do i clear my search history on toolbar? on their site. They have put the answers in couple of different categories. You can have your search history automatically clear when the browser is closed, or have the option to completely disable the saved searches options (this option might not be possible to execute on Firefox browser. Ok so if you want to completely get rid of and disable toolbar from saving your searches, you click on the Pencil Menu image right next to the search box. Then you click Toolbar options and select to uncheck the Remember Recent Searches. Then click Ok. This action can sometimes be performed right inside the web browser with a right click, depending on the type of browser and the browser version you are using. A tip - it is always recommended to download and install the latest software for online safety and security, better and faster web surfing, and upto date notifications. Ok anyways. However, if you want to save the website and keyword search while you are using the computer but delete them once you close the browser and computer down, then do this - click on the Pencil Menu, choose Toolbar Options section and check the Auto Clear Recent Searches when Exiting. Then click Ok. That's it, in both methods other users can't see what you typed on yahoo toolbar and your recent searches won't even show up for them. If you don't see pencil icon after new download and installation of Yahoo Search toolbar, you should go to the green square located there, click on it to open up settigs to clear the search histories.

Remember than when you install Yahoo Toolbar for the the first time, it gives you the option to either Enable or Disable Search History. So if you are not able to delete the searches using the above methods but really like to keep the toolbar, maybe you should uninstall the whole toolbar and then install it again. This time choose to not save the history. Here are some other ways to clear the Yahoo 7 search toolbar autocomplete and history - when using IE 6, you click on tools, then internet options, then content tab and the click not to Auto Complete and then clearn forms. In IE 7, it is much easier and quicker - click Tools, select Internet Options, go to content tab, under Autocomplete category, select Settings, click Ok. Don't forget to right click the history that you are annoyed with, select delete and it will be removed forever.