How do you make your facebook account profile private like in myspace?

Social networking on the internet has both advantages and disadvantages. Sites like facebook and myspace has grown to such as extent that teens and even the professionals who are in the marketing business to jump into the bandwagon of becoming user who log in atleast once a day, if not more. So it can be assumed there are some good reason why people really have an account and is a user at Facebook - the most popularly growing social networking site online. But in the meantime, it is recommended to not share too much information about yourself on the Facebook. You might or might not have noticed that if you have a facebook account profile and do a search about your name on the web search engines such as Google and Yahoo, your facebook profile url shows up. And if your account is not set to profile, things you wrote about yourself and others, pictures you have uploaded, people you have added as a friend, and many other information can be viewed right on that page. Last year, facebook announced that it will make its users' profile page bit more profile if the person who is viewing the page doesn't have an account. What about if person signs up a fake account? Now he or she can see everythign, right. Facebook actually doesn't want to keep your profile page private - this is because the more information is available to public, the more visitors it will get. It works to their benefit to have people upload pics, share personal information and other things in public. However, to make sure only the added friends can see your profile page, it is upto the users to set their facebook account profile page completely private, semi private or open to everyone.

There are many different privacy settings in facebook now a days. Privacy is said to be one of the top concerns about Facebook along with its cool features and applications. But in facebook it gets little bit confusing for users to change their profile to private because they have to click on the Privacy link at the top of the page. Now see, most of the users or even the new comers are used to seeing the Privacy page as the website's privacy policy and terms. That's how it was on MySpace - still the most popular social networking site with tens of hundereds of millions of users. Facebook should instead make the option to set facebook account to private under Account page. Anyways once you get to the facebok privacy overview page, you can limit your facebook account searchable only to the people who are within your networks, groups or people who you added as a friend.

Now one of the most important privacy setting step is to have your profile not show up when people search on the web. For that, you have to make sure the button next to where it says Public Search Listing is not checked. By default, it seems to be checked all the time. Did you know you can also make your facebook profile private based on application you have added? Facebook users can now also block a specific individual person from their profile; it doesn't matter if that person is in the same network, group, or friend. If block seems too harsh, you can limit them to viewing only a certain part of your profile. Friends can usually see your updated status in their own page even if you don't tell them; for example, if you upload a new picture your friends get a automatic feeds on their own page that lets them know about the new pictures uploaded by friends, apps you added, people you poked or any other news. So here is exactly how you set your facebook profile to private: After you log into your facebook account, go to Privacy, and then Profile section. There you will see Edit Settings. There you get to choose who can and who cannot view your profile. You can selectively choose people who you have added as a friend, in your network and groups. It is totally customizable. If you want certain parts of your facebook profile private such as your pictures, blogs, events, friends, and wall, you can do so too. Don't forget to click the Save Changes button after you change the privacy setting of your facebook account to the way you want.

Never put your real date of birth on facebook account - if you want your zodiac sign to be real, you just put the same year and month but change the real date. Either upload your profile pic with an image that doesn't include you - you can always upload your own pic later and add it to your album images. That way nobody can see your pic, only the people who you allowed and gave permission to see your album. And when you set your facebook page to private, don't forget to choose both the basic and contact information to private. Remember facebook has done what they are supposed to do - to give users the options of privacy. Now it is upto the facebook users to determine how far or close they want to set their profile to private.