What websites help you find someone's private and public record information?

We all know internet is full of information; there is practically nothing on the web that you can't think of. Oh you might think your private information such as social security number, birth date, phone number, address and other sensitive information are not available, but think again. Even check it out for yourself. There are lot of website that provides services such as finding a public record information for free; other sites will charge you a small fee to sell you someone's private information. Here we will show you the an extended list of websites that allows online users to research and gather information of a person, without his knowledge and consent. These sites are used by common people from your neighbour to meddle being very curious, boyfriend or girlfriend to spy on you, future employer to check your background to con artists trying to scam you through stealing your identity. Identity theft is the number concerned people are worried about and claims these websites are help them scammers. So here are the most popular sites that should help you find information on anyone in the world either for free or a small fee charge: Glassdoor site - like it name implies, everything kept inside can be seen from outsiders for the door is made of glass which is transparent. To make the matter worse, it allows people to annonymously log in and write your opinion on your employer like how much salary the company is giving you, how bosses are, work place gossips, etc.

On the other hand, if your employer wants to know more about your they can visit Criminal Search site. There the human resource department can look up vast database of criminal histories, if any, of yours from the past to present now. Insteresting thing is they even show the mug shot of the person along with the location where this crime took place. Most popular criminal offense on that site is disobeying or failur to obey the traffic laws. But the site does come handy when doing check on babysitter or nanny of your child, repairman coming to fix elecrticity, plumbing or locks.

Two of the most popular sites that shows public and private information of someone are the WhitePage and PeopleFinder. Most people know about these sites because they run a lot of advertisements on search engines and now they are ranking high for the keywords in search results too. Anyways, these sites are very simple and easy to use. They give you personal information of someone you are wondering about. You just put their first and last name. Any additional things you enter in the search box are optional but it is better because it can help you narrow down to the exact person. They both shows you the address and phone numbers. And they are always free. The sites claim to help people reconnect, but who knows. Here are some of the top tips from the site: use an alias name if you can find any, make no assumption of background clearance if you don't see any, if you can't find yourself call the customer support representative to help you, you can find lost friend from old school you used to go or even search an old address. The website claims that it can allow you to find unclaimed money in some way; how? WhitePages say they are number one search destination because they are simple, fast and reliable. Now you can even use your mobile devices to surf these sites. Use open social networking sites to find infos. Popular websites like Myspace, Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter, Meebo, Hi5, Xanga, and Flickr can help you see personal information with a push of a button. Users of social networking sites like to put their personal information on their web page. They feel secure since everybody seemed to be doing.

But experts recommend putting up a fake information and letting your close friends know your real info in private. But anyways strangers can see whatever you add to your profile page, blogs, bulletins, etc. Stalkers might be using these web 2.0 for their advantage. Then there are websites like Spock and SearchSystems where your public as well as private information is present even though you never sent it to them. How do they get it? They use other sites to gather them and add to their long list of people database. They are thus able to show your school, friends, photos, web profile pages, and videos. Search Systems even shows senstivie information that is kind of unimaginable. It is incredible how much information they have about us; but they do charge a monthly premium fee of about $10 and there are different service packages available. Other popular free search includes Google, Phone book, and Zabasearch, which is the most controversial in its kind. ChoicePoint is also a pretty good source if you are looking for court, law and legal related information on someone.