What Make Google Chrome Web Browser Better, Faster, Different and Stand Out

Google has finally the release of the public beta version of its own new web browser called Chrome. Although it work only on Windows, its linux and mac osx version is expected to be released soon as well. Chrome browser can be downloaded for free. So what makes chrome browser bettter than others like firefox, internet explorer, safari annd many others? The answers to this question are as follows: Chrome browser is superfast. If you are into surfing web fast without any kind of hitch, google chrome is for you. It easily outpaces other web browsers.

Best incognito mode inside. Its a privacy feature, that gives chrome users the option to can hide their online activities from other people. What it does is that it makes sure that you don't leave any tracks behind for other users using the same computer to know what sites you visited and similater behavior.

Google chrome browser is open source, which means other software developers can view and work on the codes. This makes it possible for other people to improve it, unlike microsoft's internet explorer. The search engine in chrome is automatically installed - whenever you type something in the address bar, it will show search or web address suggestions to you. This makes surfers to surf the internet with less thinking.

The tabs are on the top. In google chrome, the tabs are located on the top of the windows and with its own controls including the Omnibox, a combination URL and search box. This gives the browser the possibility to open in its own new window or rearrange itself within the same one.

Sandbox feature is there, which gives processess limited privelages so that one process freezes it won't affect others. Not only that it also has a built-in malware and phishing blacklist feature that is constantly being updated as new sources of malware are discovered or reported.

Google gears are built in as well. Chrome users will be able to use applications like Google Docs in an offline mode without having to stay connected to the internet. Chrome even provides a low feature display mode for Google Docs so that they have the appearance of standalone applications. This gives Google a leg up in the Software as a Service arena.