Where Can I Get a totally Free Credit Report without cost and Credit Card?

Where Can I Get a totally Free Credit Report without cost and Credit Card?

You might have seen or heard that free credit report ad on tv or radio, respectively. But did you know that it is not really free like it seem to claim in that ad? But whatever, most people didn’t even go to check the websites to see if they can get a free credit report and score there; if they did, they would have realized they ask for your credit card before handing you are free credit report. So what does it mean by free? What they mean is that “they” will hand you your credit report for free from other sources, that are providing it for free to anyone.

Annual Credit Report website is where you can request totally free report of your credit. Other free credit report just do the same but also add additional service of monitoring your credit. So see, that’s the catch. Often these monitoring service start as soon as you give them your credit card number and they claim to use that for verification that you are who you are claiming to be – that’s requesting your own personal credit report. And they say you are automatically selected to their free trial credit monitoring service, but they will charge you if you don’t cancel before that free trial expire. So these imposter sites comes with strings attached.

Everybody has a right to obtain a yearly Credit Report and legit site AnnualCreditReport is the only one that you should trust if you want to obtain your credit report and score totally free, with no cost or credit card information. There are three major agencies that gather and send you your free credit report if you order from them – they are equifax, experian and transunion.

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2 Responses to “Where Can I Get a totally Free Credit Report without cost and Credit Card?”

    save money on May 20, 2009 :

    That’s a good site you listed to obtain a free credit report because a lot of websites that I found are not completely free. They give your credit report with not charges but they charge you monthly for credit monitoring services and others. That’s dumb in my opinion. So read carefully before you guys sign your name and give credit card number. My two cents!

    Emilee on July 20, 2009 :

    I would go and check BBB or better known as Better Business Bureau. They can refer you to the trustworthy businesses that can print your free credit report for you at no cost. I personally never checked mine, because always the place where I buy large price tag items and do the financing looked up my credit score and history.

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