Why Is Flu Contagious?

Why Is Flu Contagious?

We all know winter is the time by which we should have taken a flu shot. Flu is caused by a virus known as influenza. This virus is so active that it can spread very easily without the sick person touching a healthy person.

Some of the ways flu can spread include coughing, sneezing, and secretions from internal body such as mucuos.

Highest risk for acquiring flu virus are children, elder seniors and health care workers.

And just because you got a flu shot doesn’t mean you won’t get flu. Flu is so contagious and gets immune to new vaccines when government introduces the vaccinations. But it is always recommended to get a flu shot, unless you are allergic to it or the egg. It takes more than two weaks after the flu vaccination for our body to become fully protected and can last upto a year.

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